Attend the premiere of EquiLibre, the second production of Les Opéras Equestres du Québec which followes the idea of the first show (Memoirs of a Drum Horse, telling the life story of a circus stallion for 20 years during the 19th century) and depicts 4 different equine personalities.





EquiLibre reveals this time that horse personify the missing link between the worlds, by establishing a fragile balance between humans' universe of dreams and fantasy, and universe of life and work for thousands of years.
The show highlight the life of the Blue Ribbons this time, the rescued horse from Cavaland's refuge, recognizable by the Ribbon they wear on stage: they will definitely warm hearts with their resilience, no matter their story, ordeal or handicap.

Horses are ramified between four lineage on Earth, linked to the 4 elements. They will show you through legends and ancient equine magic, in the horse's sensorial  universe and share their view on the current world

Vibrate with Morgan, the untameable race horse saved from slaughter and converted in a horse-ball champion, representing fire, and discover the frightening story of Gladiateur, the Iberian stallion who got gored and barely survived his encounter with bulls, personifing the air.

Taste the irony of Trigger and Empereur, an old Quarter Horse who performed on shootings and stages for 20 years, and a Canadian horse trained for hunting, both representing the Earth. Feel the wisdom of Roszada, the blind mare who crossed the whole Canada on foot and fall in love with the astonishing Frisian mare Opérette, who brings a smile on children faces by laying down at their feet, who both personify water...

While enjoying optical and sound illusions based on horse's perception of life, you will intimately discover  touching personalities with incredible backgrounds. Horses and their virtual mirrors communicate from scene to scene, captivating you until both worlds overlap in your mind. So many parallel universes where horses talk to us and have so much to teach us. A one of a kind equestrian show, interspersed with extraordinary real life stories and happy endings, which will inhabit you with joy for a very long time...

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