Cavaland: horse refuge accredited by the Galahad association for horse protection in quebec

Cavaland is a horse refuge accredited by the Galahad association for horse protection. Our goal is to raise public awareness on horses' welfare in Quebec, and the abscence of efficient legislation to protect them from abuse. Some of our show horses were rescued or rehabilitated, and take part in the show, depending on their mental and physical health. They can easily be recognized on scene, as they are wearing a Blue Ribbon.

Many horses and ponies are rescued from slaughterhouse, ill-treatment or abandonment each year. We put a lot f work into establishing a new relationship with these horses so as to restore their trust in humans, after they have been beaten or neglected for a long time. Cavaland works hand in hand with veterinarians, blacksmiths, dentists, osteopaths to provide healthcare and reeducation to the rescued horses, in order to grant them a long and happy life.

CONTACT : 450.228.3006 - - 340 Chemin de Chertsey, Ste-Marguerite-Estérel  J0T 1L0 


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Phone : (+1) 450 228 3006

340 Chertsey Road, Ste-Marguerite-Estérel J0T 1L0

Québec, Canada