Our approach is based on ethological works and animal sciences development. We, at Cavaland Park, recognize the emotional potential of any animal and specifically the intelligence and feelings such as joy, sadness, fear, shyness or depression that can habit any horses. 
We work with horses based on the approach of masters like : John Lyons, Pat Parelli, Frederic Pignon but also Carole Fletcher, Sylvia Zerbini and many other horse lovers and famous masters. 

The work of Cavaland Park Team is to give any animal of our shelter here, confidence in humankind and good cares to them being rehabilitated,
Here is Rozada, a blind 30 years old pur arabian mare, whose handicap became a force : she is not affraid at all by light and this way, she becomes a living screen in show. This way, she becomes a star, respecting her handicap and nature, in an impressive living projections on her white immaculate coat. 
Because every horse, like anybody, should have a second chance!

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